Conversator: December 2020

Conversator is an occasional update of published a few times a year.

As 2020 rolls to a close the three months of operating have been welcoming and enlightening. Not all of the blogs have been updated regularly but it is hoped to see more diverse use of them in 2021 rather than one or two receiving the most content. NZ Rail Maps receives the most consistent updates and with the project taking a lot of time this will continue to be the case, the highlight being the launch of its new maps web site on 1 January 2021. As has been highlighted all the blogs moved to a new web hosting platform in December after less than three months on the previous platform. Although the costs for the original platform were negligible, the new platform will save a lot of money on renewal fees in the future.

This Is Christchurch looked like it would become redundant late December or go into mothballs but there is still considerable scope for political commentary around the country although the posts will not be made more than weekly now or in the future. Christian Controverser has been one of the most prolific blogs this year due to the aftermath of the US elections, this will hopefully die down pretty soon and let it be used for a more diverse range of content. Christchurch Transport Blog will continue with regular posts in 2021 as there is still plenty of transport related interest although not a great deal in Christchurch itself.

Merry Christmas and a happy New Year to all readers.