NZ Techonverse: Samsung Galaxy A12

First published on NZ Techonverse

Well it’s time to get some posting underway for 2021 (other than rail maps) so here is a brief run down of a recent acquisition, a Samsung Galaxy A12 phone. This model was released late last year so there is relatively little information available for it on a lot of sites. The example mentioned here was obtained from PBTech who have featured it in their Waitangi Day sales specials and it also appears on Noel Leeming’s site at the same special price. These phones are distinctive for their quad rear camera which provides several different lenses such as wide angle and macro, in addition to a front facing camera. Basic specs are 4 GB RAM and 128 GB ROM, dual sim, SD card slot, Android 10 with Samsung’s One UI. It could possibly be expected this model will update to Android 11 when it becomes available although currently unconfirmed.

Posts on this blog’s predecessor, the posts from which should soon be imported to this blog for the sake of continuity, have panned Samsung as a manufacturer of Android phones because of their own platform being pushed over vanilla Android and phones like Motos and Google Nexus were the general preference until it became obvious that vanilla Android is a license for Google to dominate. Samsung itself has every desire to go head to head with Apple as the big cheese of mobile and in order to achieve their goals, their bad blood with Google definitely helps to keep dominance over the latter. Hence it is nice to buy a Samsung phone and get one that only has a minimum of apps installed and from a manufacturer that is definitely out to keep Google in their place.

Previously a Nexus 5X with Lineage OS sufficed, and a PinePhone running KDE has been considered an option and is still a possible contender in the future, but right now the Samsung is going to achieve desirable outcomes with only the apps needed on it, all the more to keep some modicum of privacy which is pretty hard to achieve on Android because of Google’s sustained and concerted efforts to suck as much blood as possible out of their end users in the name of gigantic profits and highly dubious ethics.

Finally this blog now looks a little different. The Twenty Twenty One theme is now being rolled out across all blogs for a more uniform appearance and with a template that supports all the latest WordPress functionality.

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