Conversator: May 2021

Welcome to another edition of Conversator, the occasional series about

Since this year there have been a few changes to the converser site. Christian Sexual Wholeness has been closed down and replaced by Christian Sexuality Focus, and Christian Controverser has been amalgamated into Christian Converser, the latter having received all the posts imported from the former. The aggregation site has been set up to cater for anyone who wants to receive a feed just from those blogs.

Most of the work has gone into NZ Rail Maps which is now spread across four sites in total, these are the Project site, Webmaps, Stations and Volumes. The Stations site is currently being setup and does not yet have any content. Another aggregation site has been set up to combine the feeds from Project, Stations and Volumes, and also Christchurch Transport Blog, for anyone that wants a single feed from just those blogs.