Transport Safety Blog NZ : TSBNZ’s Facebook Page Is Disabled

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Last evening notification was received that Facebook unpublished the Transport Safety Blog New Zealand’s Facebook page, for alleged spam. At this time, no further information has been received from Facebook. It is unknown how long the page will be disabled for.

This post will not be publicly visible on the TSBNZ Facebook page because of it being unpublished, but may be publicly visible on related Facebook pages because of additional feed syndications from this blog. No changes have been made to these arrangements to date. The unpublishing of the page is a minor inconvenience for the moment.

This is a good reminder that no one should rely on Facebook for their primary presence. There are many people out there who have committed a lot to Facebook and just as many who have been badly burned by their automated algorithms flagging content that probably is falsely tagged. For these reasons, the content on this project and other associated projects is written on an independently hosted blog and only syndicated to Facebook.

It’s also important that people ensure their personal FB accounts are properly secured with strong passwords and other security measures like two-factor authentication. Whilst Blog Owner hasn’t had problems with account being hacked, there has been one instance of alleged breach of community standards that caused Facebook to disable certain account functionality for a period. Blog Owner never got the opportunity to see what was alleged and believes the accusation is completely false but Facebook never gave any opportunity to understand and resolve the problem. Facebook users are dealing with a giant global corporate monopoly that isn’t obliged to make much effort to deal fairly and reasonably with users and their terms and conditions likely give users extremely few rights and remedies, since the power imbalance is vast.

Blog Owner is currently reviewing involvement with Facebook and there may result certain changes in coming times, however at present nothing on Facebook is expected to be done differently as long as the page is able to be re-enabled soon. If this is not possible, it will have considerable impact on the Transport Safety Blog NZ’s use of Facebook, and it is then uncertain what can be done looking into the future.